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Red Light Therapy Products

You now have many red light therapy options for your home or day spa as shown on this webpage below.  These "collagen lamp" delivery options include spa capsules with red light LED facials like the Hydration Station, Lumiere Excel LED facial only device, and the old used tanning bed full-body delivery method. Please read a little more about each delivery device illustrated below, click on links to learn more, or call Call or text 321-432-3000 or email us here for more information.  We currently have a used Lumiere Excel red light LED facial delivery device for sale and a used Hydration Station for sale with each priced at $5,495 with free delivery to Ohio, Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and most of the USA.  Home owners can now convert any old used tanning bed to a red light therapy bed by installing red light therapy lamps instead of UV lights.  Red light lamps are white when not energized and do NOT tan, but make your skin produce collagen, which acts like gravy and naturally fills in fine lines and wrinkles in human skin.  Read more below:

Spa Capsules

Lumiere Excel

Red Light Lotions

slimline o2 deluxe spa capsule  
buy a used Lumiere Excel red light therapy device here
view all the red light therapy lotions for 2015 here

The Hydration Station style Slimline Pod spa capsule pictured above has the red light therapy facial attachment on the swing arm near the face as shown in the photo above (click to enlarge).  This red light facial device can be positioned over the face during therapy session for a true spa type experience.  Imagine the sensations as your body feels a gentle massage during the exfoliation process combined with red light therapy on your face and neck area.  You can only find these LED attachments on the newer models and you can buy used spa capsules for about $5,000 here.


 A convenient and portable red LED facial device called the Lumiere Excel  shown above can be used with a standard massage table then tucked away in the corner of a multi-use room or home. This delivery device is on a stand which hovers over a massage table and can be positioned directly over the face and neck area during the session.  These units can be found used and refurbished for about $4,000 to $6,000 and are perfect for high-end salons or spas with limited or multi-use rooms.  Click here to view used Lumiere Excels.

Pictured above are red light therapy lotions produced by RedLight ST. Collagen can be produced naturally from exposure to red light lamps at 632 nm for 20 minutes, 2-3 days per week.  The red light lotions pictured here are designed to enhance your red light sessions by maintaining perfect pH and moisturizing your skin before, during and after a session.  These products include a pre-therapy "mist" for the face and body, post therapy lotion for the body, and under-eye and facial serum for the facial area.  Each item retails for about $39.95 and can be bought here.

red light therapy in a spa capsule used Lumiere Excel with massage chair rejuvasun red light lamp bed
click here to view used spa capsules view used Lumiere Excel for sale click here to view used red light therapy beds

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