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Learn more about Red Light Therapy and How to Produce Collagen

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find the information here about red light lamps and red light therapy helpful.   When humans travel into space many bad things begin to happen to the human body without the benefit of the Sun and gravity.  Our muscles begin to atrophy and our skin becomes very pale.  Lack of Vitamins and the lack of exposure to UVred light collagen lamps for tanning beds and infrared-light become serious problems to human health.   Prolonged space travel to Mars may take 3 to 5 years so NASA scientists began testing shipboard items which may benefit human skin, muscle, or brain development.  As a  result of these experiments, scientists have discovered that "red light" in the 600 to 700 nm region, when exposed to human skin, will make the skin "grow" or produce collagen.  The FDA has formally acknowledged red lamp therapy works in this statement:  "Exposure to red light has been scientifically shown and is understood by consumers to affect skin structure, for example by reducing wrinkles for months after treatment, which may be the result of new collagen formation or reorganization, or repair of elastin damage." Read the entire FDA letter here.  Read more about red light therapy products, red light beds and lotions below.

You can now find a variety of red LED light products in day spas and salons today and few of those are pictured below.  One great example of these red light delivery devices is called the "Lumiere Excel" facial device.  This website also offers red light lamps for tanning beds or for any indoor tanning device ever made so you can create your own full-body, face-lift device for less than $1,000.  The former indoor tanning equipment you can convert may include lay down style, canopy, or stand up versions manufactured in the USA or Europe anywhere from 1978 to 2013.  These red light therapy bulbs as replacement alternatives for tanning beds cost about $20 each plus shipping to most states.  Click here to learn more here about all red light products including red light lotions for before, during and after session treatment.  Call 800-760-6017 to place an order, email us here, or read more below by clicking on the active links or pictures.

Infrared Capsules

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Red Light Lotions

Red Light Beds

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